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Georgia Review
Volume: 69.4 | Year: 2015

Table of Contents:

Gaylord Brewer
It Doesn't Matter If You're Careful

Nancy Naomi Carlson
Infusion: Round III

Suzanne Cleary
Elm Street

Kathryn Cowles
Pregnant Belly

Alice Friman
White Out

Albert Goldbarth
Survey: Better Mousetrap
Painting 101
You've been worrying that it's wasted time.

Susan Ludvigson

L. S. McKee
Alva and the Complex Pool

Jill Osier
They're Saying Now That Feathers Are Mostly Light, That Wings Are Mostly Not There

Harold Schweizer
Shayma Interviewed by a Medical Red Cross Staff Member in Corigliano Calabro

LaWanda Walters
Demeter's Escape

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Kathryn Cowles
Pregnant Belly


Albert Goldbarth
Stories; Dentures; Survey: Better Mousetrap; Painting 101; You've been worrying that it's wasted time.; Composite