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Quarterly West
Volume: 85 | Year: 2015

Table of Contents:

Jasmine V. Bailey
The Working Class

Aimee Baker
Detroit, and Other Sorrows
Madrigal of the Sierra Nevadas

Michael Berkowitz
Patroclus in Purgatory

Ryan Bollenbach
Dear Ornamental Fan,
Dear Purple Umbrella,
Dear Lavender Ribbon,

MRB Chelko
Sun Be
Metro North Be

Cassie Donish
New Theory

Sara Henning
The Things of the World Go On Without Us

Julie Henson
The Spoon
Nostalgia Wants You
J. Maxwell Highway

Laura Kochman
Bomb / Shell
Poem Involving The Animal

Christine Marshall
L(one) (Hera)
The Origin of Sleeplessness

Sam Sax

Poets of Interest in this issue:

MRB Chelko
Sun Be; Metro North Be


Cassie Donish
Symposium; New Theory


Sam Sax