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American Poetry Review
Volume: 44.1 | Year: 2015

Table of Contents:

Beth Bachmann
wall [1]
wall [2]
wall [1]
wall [2]
flower (child)
speech (inaugural poem)
cloud lake both rain

Ari Banias
Aren't We

Curtis Bauer

Malachi Black
[Here where]
Lines from the Throne of Old Ideas
On a Resistance to Memory
Erasure by Analogy

Geoff Bouvier
Poem for Breakfast
Please Enjoy Some Aural and Pastoral Snuff Porn
Universal Traffic
Eternal Mirror

Michael Broder
Law & Order
The Capitol Years 1: Songs for Young Lovers

Jenny Browne
Welcome to Freetown

Scott Dalgarno
The Raccoon: Once Considered Solitary
Backwards Jesus

Alex Dimitrov
In Defense of Obsession
In the New Century I Gave You My Name
The Hall of Mirrors
Vacation with Death

Barbara Hamby
The Brides of Ekaterinburg
Six Blackbirds on the Highway to Moscow

Jared Harel
Go So You Can Come Back
What We Saw
Upon Hearing That Someone Has Forgotten Their Laptop, iPhone, Watch, Dog Leash and Sneakers at Airport Security

January Gill O'Neil
At Wolf Hollow

John Skoyles
Bachelor of Arts
Say When: Stanzas on Cancer
Grace Paley
Dinnertime in Elmhurst, Queens
The Friday Night Fights
In Memory of a Marriage
My Fascist Grandmother
Philosophy 101
St. Bartholomew's School
Turkish Taffy

Ross White
Statues of Women

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Ari Banias
Aren't We


Geoff Bouvier
Poem for Breakfast; Please Enjoy Some Aural and Pastoral Snuff Porn; Universal Traffic; Eternal Mirror


Alex Dimitrov
In Defense of Obsession; In the New Century I Gave You My Name; The Hall of Mirrors; Vacation with Death