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Prarie Schooner
Volume: 89.3 | Year: 2015

Table of Contents:

Bruce Bond

Mary Lenoir Bond
Claddagh Dance (Don't Fucking Call Me Ginger)
Red Night Desert District
Michael, please

Matthew Cooperman
Good Day

Tyree Daye
Jimmy's Prayer
This Black Southern Poor Boy's Blues
The Story of Mud

Robert Gibb
Late Hours
April Journal

Sandra Gilbert
To a Rosh Hashanah Challah
Picasso, the Greedy Child (Le Gourmet)
The Fava Bean Eaters

Aracelis Girmay
the author to the dead
luam & the flies
luam mending clothes
luam to the dead

Tresha Faye Haefner
Elegy for Wasps

John Murillo
Dear Yusef
When You're Teaching in Amherst and, While On a Late Night Walk, Your Wife Calls from Brooklyn to Say Goodnight
Variation on a Theme by Elizabeth Bishop
Dolores, Maybe

John Poch
A Depression

Sassy Ross
The Greenest Block
Two Birds
In the Small Hours

Wesley Rothman
The Salt Craving
If Smoke Could Sing

Floyd Skloot
The Lost Name

Laura Van Prooyen
My Mother in the Winter Zoo
Elegy for My Mother's Mind
Psalm 23
I Will Grow Old in My Bed
My History in Sand and Light

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond
Soul; Beethoven; String