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Volume: 205.1 | Year: 2014

Table of Contents:

Mir Mahfuz Ali
MiG-21 Raids at Shegontola

Liz Berry
Scenes from The Passion: The First Path
Scenes from The Passion: The Evening

James Brookes
Eschatology, Piscatology

Colette Bryce

Sophie Collins

Toby Martinez de las Rivas
Triptych for the Disused Nonconformist Chapel, Wildhern

Leonita Flynn
Gerard Manley Hopkins

Matthew Francis

John Greening
Heath XXIX

David Harsent
From A Dream Book
Tinnitus: May, low skies and thunder
Tinnitus: January, thin rain becoming ice

Amy Key
How Rare a Really Beautiful Hand Is Now, Since the Harp Has Gone Out of Fashion!
Announcement and Next Steps

Caleb Klaces

Frances Leviston

Hannah Lowe
High Yellow

Kathryn Maris
Singles Cruise
The X Man

Martin Monahan
The South Transept Window, St. Lucia at Lowhampton

Pascale Petit
Black Jaguar with Quai Saint-Bernard

Sam Riviere
The Expendables 2
In Praise of the Passivity of Paper

Ruby Robinson
My Mother

Kathryn Simmonds
In the Woods
Elegy for the Living

Julian Stannard
Burlington Arcade

Claire Trevien
The Evening After

Rory Waterman
The Avenue
Pulling Over to Inspect a Pillbox with a North American Tourist
Over the Heath

Tim Wells
The Coriolanus Effect
Out of the Blue

David Wheatley
An Execration

John Wilkinson
Schlummert Ein

Hugo Williams
Notes from Dialysis

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Julian Stannard
Burlington Arcade; Napoli