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Volume: 40.1 | Year: 2014

Table of Contents:

Erin Belieu
Fathers Never Answer
Someone Asks, What Makes This Poem American?
Energy Policy

Malachi Black
To One Waiting to Be Born
When I Lie Down
Prayer for a Slow Death

Jae Choi
Morning Song I

Alice Derry
Horse Fantasies

Denise Duhamel

Rebecca Morgan Frank
What Is Left Here

Rick Hilles
To the Language Spoken in the Country of Urgency

James Kimbrell
Free Checking!
Chicken Brick'n

Kent Leatham
Sappho 16

Karyna McGlynn
At Kohl's Department Store

Campbell McGrath
Aurora Perpetua

Sarah Rose Nordgren
Ghost Lessons
The Monastery

Tatiana Orono
Elegy for the Road
Without Title

Ben Purkert
Blame Game

Tony Sanders
Please and Thank You

Jacob Sunderlin
The Sacred Harp Book

Ronald Wallace
Song of Myself

Jonathan Wells
House of Wigs

Mike White

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Karyna McGlynn
At Kohl's Department Store


Sarah Rose Nordgren
Ghost Lessons; The Monastery