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Volume: 168.1 | Year: 1996

Table of Contents:

A. R. Ammons
A Sense of Now
Emerging Curves
Local Antiquities
Sumerian Vistas
Collapsed Structures
The Deep End

Bruce Berlind
Meaning of Fragment: Fragment of Meaning

Philip Booth
Coming To

Catherine Coan

Peter Cooley
Poem on the First Day of Spring

Andrew Davis
A Krater: Achilles and Ajax Playing Backgammon

Stephen Dunn

James Kimbrell
A Greeting

James Laughlin
Those To Come

Vladimir Levchev
The Refugee

Pattiann Rogers
Nearing Autobiography

Philip Schultz
My Friend Is Making Himself
City Dogs

Pearl S. Selinsky

Ann Shaffer
Under the Crab Nebula

Alan Shapiro
A Double Dying

Robin Shectman
Venus, or Maybe Mercury

A. E. Stallings
A Postcard from Greece
Lemur Comes from the Latin for Ghosts

Alan Sullivan
The Book of Time

Randolph Thomas
The Course of the Telling

Poets of Interest in this issue:

A. R. Ammons
A Sense of Now; Emerging Curves; Local Antiquities; Sumerian Vistas; Collapsed Structures; The Deep End


Stephen Dunn


Alan Shapiro
A Double Dying