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Chicago Review
Volume: 58.3 | Year: 2014

Table of Contents:

George Albon
Troop & Scout
Grain & Boulder
Long & Short

Will Alexander
General Scatterings & Comment

Micah Ballard
A Red Light on History
Brise Marine

Clark Coolidge
The Only Ones at the Moment (Truths)

Hart Crane

Pierre de Ronsard
Les Amours de Cassandre 1552

Allen Fisher
Learning the Craft of Thought

William Fuller
The Conjecture
Funky New Bell

Chris Glomski
Shadow Roll: Or, the Crystal Radio

John Godfrey
Trip Wire
Walking Papers

Laura Kilbride
In the Square

Peter O'Leary
Forging the Sampo

Ted Pearson

Sandra Simonds
A Song for Paperweights
Psychedelic Garden Poem

Mary Margaret Sloan

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Hart Crane


William Fuller
The Conjecture; Funky New Bell; Glidepath


Sandra Simonds
A Song for Paperweights; Psychedelic Garden Poem