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Tinderbox Poetry Journal
Volume: 1.1 | Year: 2014

Table of Contents:

Kelli Russell Agodon
Self Portrait with Imaginary Brother
After the Death of a Friend, I Feel Enlightened for Approximately Three Days

Robyn Art
The Grownups
The Solution

Anne Barngrover
Still Haunted
He Takes Her

Sheila Black
Bare Ruined Orchards

Michael Collins

Brandon Courtney
Controlled Burn
Memento Mori

Kelly Cressio-Moeller
On Why I No Longer Sit at the Window Seat on a Train

Maria Damon
Femmage to Creeley

Renee Emerson
The Wandering Witch
Kikimora Looks for Love

Farrah Field
Amy's Birthday is the Same Day Every Year

Jennifer Firestone
N i g h t d r e a m s
[What is the forest language]
[A mama roar]

Amy Gerstler
A Man Renting a Hotel Room
My Midnight Confession

Ray Gonzalez
In the Cottonwoods

Andrei Guruianu
Horse and Harness

James Allen Hall
An American Porn Star Contemplates the Divine

Athena Kildegaard
How We Can Survive to Winter
This Is Fine, What I'm Wearing

Ed Bok Lee
The Schooner

Kelly Hansen Maher
North, When the Crows Led Me
It's been four years, and every year the summer ends

Corey Mesler
Suzanne in a Forest Green Dress

Gregg Murray

D. A. Powell
Making Like Monks.

Katharine Storlie Rauk
On Being Asked By My Daughter If I Can Cry Underwater
The Quickening

Rachel Richardson
Espana Pequenita
Tide Book

Ed Skoog
Only Children Have Homes

Eric Steineger
A Forecast of Snow or Yard

Lesley Wheeler
Good omens light yr way like reflective squares on the guardrail of the hairpin turn.

Emily Jungmin Yoon
Let Us Part Like This

Poets of Interest in this issue:

James Allen Hall
Greenhouse; An American Porn Star Contemplates the Divine


Ed Bok Lee
The Schooner


D. A. Powell
Making Like Monks.


Emily Jungmin Yoon
News; Let Us Part Like This; Soren