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American Poetry Review
Volume: 43.3 | Year: 2014

Table of Contents:

Elliott Battzedek
When I first saw your living room with its matching leather furniture

Marianne Boruch
The Sound and Silence of the World Now

Nick Flynn
Father, Insect
Put the Load on Me

Hannah Gamble
Hanging Out with Girls
I Will Explain Infidelity

Doreen Gildroy
Marguerite Speaks
The Voice
The Being Toward Which She Tends
A Desperate Attempt at Beauty
Of the Work of Love and Why She Has This Book Made
Her Professed Religion
More Free, and Very Free
Nothing Other Than to See
Like Wax from a Seal
Labyrinth on my Table
Ravishing Farnearness
When My Body Leaves My Soul
Her Last Name Is: Oblivion, Forgotten
Nor Do I Have Any Other Practice
The Approval
She Is Where She Loves
Because She Has Given Him All She Has
For They Cannot Find Her in Their Works
Because No One Could Tell Me About Him
Into My House and Everything Surrounds
Three Beautiful Considerations
Here One Speaks
Reason and Fear and This Insatiable Will
In the High Mountain, Above the Winds
How Reason Is Surprised That This Soul Has Abandoned the Virtues
Deep, Large, Supreme and Sure
Deo Gratias
The Soul Is the Precious Parchment
From the Ancient World
My First-Born Daughter
An Addendum: The Voice (1977)

Bob Hicok
L'eau de vie
Guy talk
Love poem

Charlotte Holmes
Living in the Present
My Sister Arranges the Funeral

Mark Jarman
Mother's Baptism
Bait Dog
Dunya Ahiretin Tarlasidir

Kristin Kelly
National Tragedy

Victoria Kelly
Standing on the Airfield, Before War

Alan Michael Parker
A Little Chat I'll Have with the Very Next Horse I Meet
Fourteen Gods at the Door

Zach Savich
Forever For Sale Truck

B. J. Ward
Ode to the Middle Finger

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Marianne Boruch
The Sound and Silence of the World Now


Nick Flynn
AK-47; Father, Insect; Put the Load on Me; Kafka; Alcoholism; Epithalamion


Hannah Gamble
Hanging Out with Girls; I Will Explain Infidelity


Bob Hicok
L'eau de vie; Guy talk; Love poem


Zach Savich
Forever For Sale Truck