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Volume: 16.1 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Diana Arterian
The Little GirlBoy Lost
The Little GirlBoy Lost

Sara Biggs Chaney
In Which St. Irene, Born Penelope, Is Spared by Beasts Of Water, Earth and Sky

Dana Crum
Bruised Forest
i know who you are
Rec Center

Kathy Fagan
Cooper's Hawk

Andy Fogle
Crossing Mourning Kill

Jennifer Leslie Franklin
Amor Fati
Lavinia, Afterwards
Philomela After the Metamorphosis

Brendan Galvin

Margaret Gibson
Continuing the Story

Graham Hillard
Oldest Squirrel Monkey in Captivity
The Polygrapher

Mark Irwin
Brief Sketch from There to Here
The Chimpanzee

Cindy King
Girl in Sheep's Clothing (1989)
An Invitation

Jeanne Larsen
The Shock of War & All Those Bodies Effed [Dead

Sandy Longhorn
A Coward for a Daughter
October Chorus

Kathryn Merwin
Consort (Carriage & Miscarriage)

Derek Mong
Colloquy with St. Mary of Egypt

Vi Khi Nao
Black Snow
Coat The Skillet
Goi Ga
How Long Have You Been Sleeping, Snow?
Licking Light

Debra Nystrom
Seasons Change Before We're Ready
Where the Cancer Center's New Wing Will Be

Dustin Pearson
Mr. Hen
Letter 2
Letter 5
Letter 7
Letter 14
Letter 15

John Poch
Independence Creek

Steven Ratiner
Schubert (with the volume turned up)
So It Goes

Margaret Peters Schwed
Bedtime in the Tropical Hotel

Rob Shapiro
Abandoned Shacks in North Carolina

Martha Silano
Derivation Devotional

Marcela Sulak
To Get Here Today (a piano)

Seth Brady Tucker
Kwik-n-Reddy Pastry Recipe for Poetry Golem
Technology Used by Dogs

C. Dale Young
Las Palmas Reales

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Kathy Fagan
Cooper's Hawk; Forest


Mark Irwin
Brief Sketch from There to Here; The Chimpanzee; Twist-O-Flex


Vi Khi Nao
Black Snow; Coat The Skillet; Goi Ga; How Long Have You Been Sleeping, Snow?; Licking Light


Dustin Pearson
Mr. Hen; Letter 2; Letter 5; Letter 7; Letter 14; Letter 15


Marcela Sulak
To Get Here Today (a piano)