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Prarie Schooner
Volume: 91.2 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Caitlin Bailey
Grete Writes to Georg at War

Willis Barnstone
The Forbidden City in the Rain 1972/2015

Talia Bloch
How We Keep Each Other Company

Marianne Boruch
Bad Piano

Kierstin Bridger
What I Didn't Photograph

Erika Brumett
To Name Is to Own

Carole Cohen
Directions for My Funeral

Peter Cooley
Is This All the Gods Ask of Us

Cynthia Cruz
Fragment: After Ida
The Reason

Lucien Darjeun
Meadows My Second Time

Christine DeSimone
Anger Management

Sara du Sablon
The Reprimand

Ronald Dzerigian
Bathing My Grandfather
To a Possible Tenant

Negar Emrani
My Geography

Alice Friman

John Hart
"One had to be versed in country things"

Shadab Zeest Hashmi
Gunpowder Tea

Karen Paul Holmes
Capturing the Scent of Rain

Ruth Joffre
A Matter of Distance, A Matter of Time

Karen An-hwei Lee
Meditation on a Red Seed as Transformation
Sisters of the Raging Millennium at a Hundred Years
On the Levitation of Beautiful Objects

David Dodd Lee
Leaving Cantwell, Alaska

Nichole LeFebvre
Three at the Bar on the Fourth of July

Rachel Morgan

Cheswayo Mphanza
Ode to the #6 Jackson Park Express

Brianna Noll
Mountains Are Mountains

Bibhu Padhi
The Earthquake
Listening through the Rain

Steven L. Peck
Additions to St. Hildegard's Physica

Vivian Faith Prescott
Contrary to Popular Belief
Top Ten Signs of Climate Change

James Reiss

Rachel Rinehart
Wherever the Carcass
After Easter, 1865

Maxine Scates
Red Wave

J. D. Scott
Boys for Melee

Julie Sheehan
Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms with Baton Twirler

Aigerim Tazhi

Emily Van Kley

Derek J. G. Williams
The Shining
When I Dream of Drowning Alone, My Lover Is Breathing Beside Me
Ode, My Pissing Lover

Kathleen Winter
Cambridge Elementary

Annie Woodford
This Clean Bare Plane

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Marianne Boruch
Bad Piano


Kathleen Winter
Cambridge Elementary