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Prelude Magazine
Volume: 3 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Eric Amling
Body Double

Rohan Chhetri
Elegy to the Year of the Wood Sheep

Mike Crossley
From O' to be Young Black & Gifted

Ashley D'Arcy
Me Poem
I Haven't Said Anything Funny in a Poem in a Long Time
Why Isn't Every Day Like the Day We Went to the Mountain

David Eingorn
In Charge of Approximate Titles
Empty Space

Brooke Ellsworth
Lunch Is Served on the Patio

Keegan Cook Finberg
Blood Mittens
Drone Poem

Monroe Lawrence
Poem with a Chainsaw

Dong Li
What It Means to be Avant-Garde

Wendy Lotterman
Delete to Receive

Tommy Pico
from IRL

Kyra Simone
Glossary (of the Room, Occupied)

Adam Tedesco
The Oh Yeah

Eric Wallgreen
Getting Rich

John Yau
Advice to the Love Worn
Different Drum

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Tommy Pico
from IRL


John Yau
Advice to the Love Worn; Different Drum