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Tinderbox Poetry Journal
Volume: 4.4 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Aria Aber
An Insignificant Question
City Where I Learned How to Build Silence

Geoff Anderson
Chemical Physics 301: An Introduction to Melanin in Corporeal Space
Light Reading
Extra Extra

Stephanie Bryant Anderson
Home Grown

Sonia Arora
Elmhurst, Queens 1975
Visiting India in Summertime

Alessandra Bava
Self-Portrait in Frida Kahlo's Rooms

Rich Boucher
The Hailstorm (for Rhiannon)

Kristin Chang
Sestina for the First Transcontinental Railroad

Katie Clark
seven pines

Karla Cordero
Chicana watches The Green Mile for the first time & dreams that night knowing John Coffey could have also been her father
a history of walls
his jawbone caged my grandfather's skin

Emily Corwin
humble creatures

Jill Crammond
The Fireman's Daughter Extinguishes One More Fire

Stevie Edwards
Poem in Which My Student Writes Me to Explain that There Are More of Him, that He Is Not the Only One Who Is Offended by Feminists
On a Facebook Picture of My High School Best Friend's 10-Year-Old
On Trying to Relearn Spanish1 for a Doctoral Requirement2

Alicia Elkort
Bicycle Dreams

Laura Esposto
Took on the Puma
The Body is Cleaved

Diamond Forde
My Mother Gave Me a Coin Jesus and I Am Still Alive

Ariel Francisco
Poem Written in the Parking Lot of a Tattoo Shop While Waiting for an Appointment
And on the 7th Day God Said: "You Made it, Bro"

Ysabel Y. Gonzalez
[My brown body is inherited]
Lost: A Golden Shovel

J. P. Grasser

Mary Harpin

Natalie Homer
The Bravery of Cotton

Luther Hughes
He Went Away Without Bidding Anyone Farewell

Rochelle Hurt
Poem for Lorena Bobbitt
Teenage Fantasia

John James

Lois P. Jones
Canal du Midi

Judy Kaber
While Aunt Irene Kneels at the Coffin
In Which a Mother Smokes Marijuana

David Keplinger
Entering the Cave at Luray
The Little Stairs of Z

Jennifer Lynn Krohn
Why Stick Your Neck Out?
When You Find Yourself Divine

Julia Leverone
Three Poems

Aurora M. Lewis

Jennifer Martelli
I Offer Kitty Genovese Fake Fruit
Kim Jong-Un's Half Brother was Murdered by Two Women with Poison Needles
A God Lives in the Amygdala

Lorena Parker Matejowsky
Made in Texas

Brandon Melendez
Room for Joy
A Threnody in Three Parts, Ending in a Stained Glass Cathedral
Synonyms for Border
Reino or I See My Grandfather by The Side of The Road, About Where He's Buried, but He's Wandering Around with a Flag of Vertebrae

Robin Myers
[Of course I'm ashamed]

Hera Naguib
Early Girlhood
after the bombing

Tom Paine
House of Butterflies

Lynn Pedersen
Shifting Balance

Iliana Rocha
Bird Atlas

Brittany Rogers
Postpartum Depression Calls from a Blocked Number, and I Answer:
In Response to Baby Girl Asking Me If It Hurts to Give Birth

Raena Shirali
scenario two : wanderless
scenario one : you didn't submerge your head in the river

Andrea Spofford

Nghiem Tran
An Intruder

Jeanann Verlee
the bottle knows death
If We Were Meat

Emily Vizzo
By Any Other Name
What Time Is Her Body

Madeleine Wattenberg
Ars Mythos
Ballad of the Witches' Tree

Sheila Wellehan
Smooth Stones

Poets of Interest in this issue:

John James


Raena Shirali
scenario two : wanderless; scenario one : you didn't submerge your head in the river