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American Poetry Review
Volume: 46.3 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Daniel Arias-Gomez
Having Been Asked, "What is Jazz?" I answer

David Baker
Why Not Say ("What happened. This terrible breaking, this blow. Then slow)
Why Not Say ("What happened. We took his walker. The shallows. The heat.)

Ruy Belo
A Way of Saying Goodbye
The Words of Jacob After His Dream
You Are Here

Tiana Clark
I Started Praying for You
Mother Driving Away After Christmas

Dara Elerath
Via Dolorosa
How to Mount a Butterfly
Saint Pain
Mathilda's Testimony
How and When to Use an Eraser
The Potato
The Breasts
The Sick Man

Kelle Groom

Faleeha Hassan
We Grow at the Speed of War

Tony Hoagland
Distant Regard
The Romance of the Tree

Danusha Lameris
Bonfire Opera
Worlds in Worlds
Dressing for Burial

Krystal Languell
The business of (business
(The Work (simple))
(Bringing into compliance

Alex Lemon
Half the Time I'm Someone Else

James McCorkle
Light You Up

Kate Monaghan
The Subject Vanishes
At the Hotel

Ricardo Pau-Llosa
The Red Case
Ghost Orchid

Kristin Prevallet
History, A Microsecond

Zana Previti
Visiting Emily Dickinson's House in Amherst, MA

Nate Pritts
Cataclysmic Variable System

Jim Ralston
Love at Rest
Playing Time
Peg Men

Alison C. Rollins
Elephants Born Without Tusks

Julietta Singh
No Archive Will Restore You

David St. John
To Those Who Have Asked Anna
Silver & Black
Hot Night in Akron

Ross White
I Know What Love Is
The Picture of Perfect Health

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Tiana Clark
Cottonmouth; I Started Praying for You; Mother Driving Away After Christmas


Tony Hoagland
Distant Regard; The Romance of the Tree; Legend; Nobility; Couture


Krystal Languell
The business of (business; (The Work (simple)); (Bringing into compliance


Alex Lemon
Half the Time I'm Someone Else; Stowage


James McCorkle
Quetzal; Light You Up


Ricardo Pau-Llosa
The Red Case; Ghost Orchid