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Volume: 17.2 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Carl Boon
Magpies and the Isis Era

Holly Brown
Unhelpful Instruction Manual for Business Casual Etiquette

Margaret Cipriano
Ninety-Nine Reasons to Wait Until Marriage

Adam Day
You Can Get Used to Almost Anything

Marya Hornbacher
The Love Poem Part

Heikki Huotari
Alternating Current

Heather Kirn Lanier
My Form of Yelling

Ted Lardner

Michael Lee
Savannah Thoughts

Dennis Mombauer
A Passage of Time

Eric Pankey
False Sermon--True Story
The Nostalgia of the Futurist

Kathleen Peirce
I Don't Know How to Make a Man
She Saw
The Aerialist

Simon Perchik

Derek Pollard
The Four Sisters and the Four Stages of the Work

Isabelle Shepherd
You Could Call It a Duet

Ryan Patrick Smith
The Gods, Mortals, the Earth, Shoes, the Temple, the Sky, the Bridge, the Jug, the Fourfold, the Poem, Pain, the Threshold, the Difference, & Stillness

Christine Spillson
After a Postcard

Elizabeth Townsend
To the Racer

Michael Joseph Walsh
from After Yi Sang: A Novel

Paige Webb
Chapter in Which Two Characters Tussle

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Margaret Cipriano
Ninety-Nine Reasons to Wait Until Marriage


Eric Pankey
False Sermon--True Story; The Nostalgia of the Futurist