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New Ohio Review
Volume: 22 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Daniel Arias-Gomez

Rebecca Baggett
Waitress in an All-Night Diner, West Virginia
Bag Lady Muse

Aaron Baker
Villa Jovis

Linda Bamber
First Train Ride Together: Northeast Corridor

Emily Blair
The Thing About Dumb Jokes Is You Have to Be There

Theresa Burns
Ending the Poem

Sarah Carleton
Here Below

Grady Chambers

Suzanne Cleary

Brendan Cooney
Hilltop Cemetary

Robert Cording

Kathryn Cowles
Heart 2

Gregory Djanikian
And Another Thing

Mary Jo Firth Gillet
A Brief History of Hunger

Elton Glaser
Gentleman Caller

Christine Gosnay

David Gullette

Julie Jordan Hanson
My Lifelong Relationship with God

John Hazard
Cedar Waxwing, Late November
Yesterday, Northern Michigan, Interstate 75

Jason Irwin
Meditation on My 44th Birthday

Mitchell Jacobs
Florida Man Throws Alligator into Wendy's Drive-Thru Window
The Reflex

Sarah Jones
My Mother's Neck

Ted Kooser
The Clipper Ship

Michael Lavers
The Burden of Humans

Peter Leight
It's a Sad Day That's Full of Sadness

Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Emily Mohn-Slate
I'm Trying to Write a Joyful Poem

Julie L. Moore
I Never Met a Flower That Yelled At Me

Stephen Myers
Borges's Farewell to Meadville, Pennsylvania

Sunsan Blackwell Ramsey
There Was a Young Woman With Cancer
Ode to Texting

Erin Redfern
On Rereading Madame Bovary at Forty

Lisa Rhoades
It Depends

Rachel Rinehart
Lunatic, Time

Veronica Schuder
Walking the Dogs

Emily Sernaker

Karen Skolfield
46 Years Old

Alpay Ulku
You Are My Sunshine

Caitlin Vance
Evening with Little Comfort

William Varner
The Last Father Poem

Jeff Worley
At Milward Funeral Home, Lexington, KY

Eleanor Wright
James Bond

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Kathryn Cowles
Experiment; Heart 2


Gregory Djanikian
And Another Thing


Caitlin Vance
Evening with Little Comfort