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Southern Review
Volume: 53.4 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Wendy Barker
On Scissors and Matisse

Joelle Biele
Prodigal: Greta Sorensen
Paradise Lost

Karina Borowicz

David Bottoms
Other Evidence
The Grocer's Tackle Box

George David Clark

Kay Cosgrove

Deborah Flanagan
Two of a Kind

Jessica Goodfellow
Most Days
What My Grandfather Heard

Chloe Honum
Before Group Meditation in the Psychiatric Ward
The Angel

Luke Johnson
Sally Dreams of Leaving

Susan Ludvigson
How It Can Happen
From the Cabin's Porch, Overlooking the Edisto River

Nancy Carol Moody
Elegy for Aunt Gus, In Advance

David Moolten
Pilot Light

Jacqueline Osherow
Winter Sonnet
AirTrain Newark, Mid-December, 4:15

Aza Pace
Twelve Pieces of a Concubine

Chelsea Rathburn
Medee furieuse, 1838

Richard Robbins
Memory of Water/Constellation

Philip Schultz
The Women's March

Charles Simic
Charmed Circle
The Lifeboa
Past a Gull Sitting on a Buoy

Floyd Skloot

David St. John

Ryan Teitman
An Essay on Criticism

Laura Van Prooyen
My Mother in Pixels
Thirteen Ways of Living next to Betty

Jeanne Wagner
Touch It Every Day

William Wenthe

Joe Wilkins
In His Previous Life as a Camas Lily
Klamath Q&A

Poets of Interest in this issue:

David Bottoms
Other Evidence; The Grocer's Tackle Box


Charles Simic
Charmed Circle; The Lifeboa; Past a Gull Sitting on a Buoy