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Volume: 39.3 | Year: 2016

Table of Contents:

Leslie Marie Aguilar
On Loving

Odam Alaki
Rose Miniatures

Shanita Bigelow
Austerville Drive: Wentworth, Durban

Jari Bradley
When Being Pulled Up On by a DL Black Man

Zakia Carpenter-Hall
Beneath Her Words

Ebony E. Chinn
Dropped Call

George Elliott Clarke
Diary of Sally Hemmings a Paris (II)
To Milton by Phillis Wheatley

Hilda Davis
The Right Breast of the Two Child Suckle

Tafisha Edwards
A Girl's First Lesson as a Medium
South Paws
Tafisha Counts Her Attempted Rapes Like Stars and Charts Them

Mckendy Fils-Aime
Two Years Later

C. S. Giscombe
Three for Tom Merwin

Scott Hightower
Christiaen Van Couwenbergh's Rape of a Negress, 1632: Musee de Beaux Arts, Strasbourg

Randall Horton
The Story Behind the Story of Lil Walter of 125th & Amsterdam

Arielle John

Taylor Johnson

Nick Makoha
At Gunpoint
The Devil's Clothes

Cynthia Manick
A White Co-Worker Asks If My Family Sits Down to Have Frank Discussions about Race

Aurora Masum-Javed
The Guru Looks a Whole Lot Like Jesus

Pages D. Matam

Jonah Mixon-Webster
Red Event No. 1
Triptych in Which the Man Is Now My Father

Thiahera Nurse
When the Boy Swipes

L. G. Parker
Ordinary: King William County, VA, October 15, 2011
The Measure of Loss

Esther Phillips
Stone Wall

Xandria Phillips
Black Matter

Gerardo Polanco
Ringing Inside the Open Spaces of My Lungs
Neruda, Please Explain a Few Things

Sonya Marie Pouncy

Joy Priest

Debra Providence
Understanding Nonsense with Shake Keane

Breauna L. Roach
(Re)Posession: at Paris St. Michael, Barbados

Charif Shanahan
My Mother's Body
Trying to Live

Clint Smith
Keeping Score

Jennifer Steele
Storming the Corner

Kimberly Williams
In Orlando

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