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Birmingham Poetry Review
Volume: 44 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Claribel Alegria
from Love without End
To My Mother
This Mirror Undertands Me
My Paradise in Mallorca
I Am Root
We Were Three
Savoir Faire

Kate Angus
If the Dead Bird in the Gutter Rises Up
Men in Bars

Ned Balbo
Time's Passage at Whikey River
Fool's Elegy
What Words Survive
Night Watch
Animal College
Gimpel the Adjunct

David Basilico
I Sit Atop a Compost Toilet

Anna Lena Phillips Bell

Michelle Boisseau
About Halfway Down the Page

Bruce Bond
Bone Flute
Nostalgia for the Infinite

Paul Bone
The River

Marianne Boruch
The Visit

David Bottoms
Little King Snake on the Prayer Porch

Joshua Butts
Hudson at Saugerties

Michael Chitwood
Search & Rescue

Clayton Adam Clark
Salvage: A Field Guide

Michael Collier
My Bishop

Rob Cook
Four Broken Ways to Pray

Daniel Corrie

Daniel DeVaughn
May Hawes

Eric P. Elshtain
In a warm sea

Nausheen Eusuf
Mind of Winter
Pied Beauty

Diamond Forde
The Right Words

Rebecca Foust
Autoportrait sans Moi-Meme

Andrew Glaze

Joshua Gottlieb-Miller
The Romantics

J. P. Grasser
Hook Echo

Juliana Gray
Lizzie Borden's Pears
The Chauffeur's Daughter Recals Miss Borden

Eamon Grennan
Che Passa
Comeback with Swans

Lisa Hammond
I'm Not Really a Waitress

Jeffrey Johnson
Particle Search in D Minor

Madison Jones
Sparrows on a High Wire

Stephen Kampa
The Quiet Boy

Sean Karns
The Man of Dirt Toils in the Laughter of His Wayward World

Brian Laidlaw
The Resurgence
The Reckoning Remedy
The Reckoning Rosary
[The Place I Love Is Burning]

Carey Link
Decoding the Colorless Puzzle

William Logan
The Age of Heroes
Reed Beds
Homage to an Army
D-Day, 2014

James Longenbach

Angie Macri
Apples Like Roses

Salgado Maranhao
Seal 9
Seal 10

J. G. McClure
Nothing Will Be All Right, But Thank You Anyway
Self Portrait as Ego and Vehicle

John McKernan
Woman Screaming Against Angels

Leslie Adrienne Miller
What the Glossator Knows
The Glossator Realizes that Large Birds Are Probably Unstable Signifiers

Matt W. Miller

Tyler Mills

Rachel Morgan
No One Can Own the Beach

Burt Myers
Our House on Fire

Mark Neely
Bruce's Mood

Kyle Norwood
A Scholar's Vacation

Amy Pence
Calaveras Big Trees

John Poch
Elegy for Mark Strand

Deborah Pope
Visiting Hours with My Grandmother

Terry Savoie
Chapel (1963)

Francesco Scarabicchi
I carry words
A Half Wave

Tom Sleigh
My Tiger

Barry Sternlieb
Cold Bearing

Zack Strait

Jeffrey Thomson
Hotel California

Seth Brady Tucker

Ellen Dore Watson
What We Carry
One of the Waves

Charles Harper Webb

Marcus Wicker
What I Won't Say About My High School Girlfriend

Allison Wilkins
Menagerie, Thasos Museum

Eleanor Wilner
To Bear Them Up
The Phoenix Reflects on Its Peculiar Situation
What the Kite Sees
When Vision Narrows to a Single Beam of Light

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond
Bone Flute; Belladonna; Nostalgia for the Infinite


Marianne Boruch
The Visit


David Bottoms
Little King Snake on the Prayer Porch


James Longenbach