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Gettysburg Review
Volume: 30.3 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Emily Blair
Judy Garland
Theresa Harris

Norman Dubie
Winter Elegy with Seawater

Rodney Gomez
The Horrible Burden of Consciousness

Karin Gottshall

Sally Rosen Kindred
Johannes Kepler Considers His Mother while Preparing Her Defense against Charges of Witchcraft

Jay Leeming
Caedmon's Hymns

Eric Pankey
This and That

Dean Rader
On reading a Welsh Proverb That a Grow FLying over a House Portends a Death Within

Estiban Rodriguez
La lechuza
Ode to Layaway

J. Allyn Rosser
Notes on the Latin

Philip Schultz
from Luxury

William Trowbridge
Polio Days

Christian Wessels
Choral Loop

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Norman Dubie
Winter Elegy with Seawater


Eric Pankey
Habitation; This and That