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Gettysburg Review
Volume: 29.4 | Year: 2016

Table of Contents:

Brian Barker
The Future of Loneliness

Bruce Beasley
Deicide Note

John Bensko
Pumpkin Rabbit
Feeling Unhinged

Sarah Blackman

Bruce Bond

Cathy Colman
The Last Time I saw Rilke
The Last Time I Saw Paul Cezanne

Carol Ann Davis
On Slaughter and Praying
A Flavor of Eclipse (after Celan)
My Hamartia

Deborah Flanagan
Death Comes to Those Who Wait
The Mysterious Death of Rene Descartes

Stephen Gibson

Christopher Howell
Graham Greene
Paradise Null

Taije Silverman
Tiresias Too

Catherine Staples
If the Room Spoke Back

Kathryn Starbuck
Locking Up at Night

Michael Waters
Plein Air and Resurrectionist (1880)
Classic Cocktail

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Brian Barker
The Future of Loneliness; Afterlife


Bruce Bond


Taije Silverman
Tiresias Too