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Alaska Quarterly Review
Volume: 32.1 | Year: 2015

Table of Contents:

D. M. Aderibigbe
Olumo's Face

Gary Allen
The Bridge

John Bargowski

Paula Marafino Bernett
At the Cusp of Mind and Wish

George Bilgere
Farmers' Market

Candace Black
River in August

Elizabeth Bradfield
Cultural Exchange
The Truro Bear

Deborah Brown
Wrong Turn in a Snowstorm

Jo-Anne Cappeluti
Where You Go When Your Parents Die

Olena Kalytiak Davis
On the Certainty of Bryan
Truth Procedure #1

Charles Douthat

James Doyle
Strolling Down Easy Street

Rebecca Dunham
Anger, According to Mrs

Gary Fincke
The Danger of Yawning

Stephanie Glazier
My Brother Opens the Ground with Sky

Kate Gleason
Marie Curie's Passion

Jane Hirshfield

Gary H. Holthaus
What Is the Source?

Robert Hunter Jones
Dark Matter

Holly Karapetkova
Dear White: How White
Dear White: I Was Born with Sunscreen
Dear White: Blue-Eyed Wonder of the Universe

Tina Kelley
Ode to Of

Laura Kolbe
Cadaver 28

Mark Kraushaar
What if the Hokey Pokey Really Is What it's All About?

Keetje Kuipers
Parked in My Driveway, I Attempt to Make Sense of This Sinking Feeling

Robert Levy
Urban Archaeology

George Looney
Under the Comb the Tangle and the Straight Path are the Same

Shara McCallum

Kyle McCord
A Prayer for Anesthetic and Illusion
Portrait of Vincent In Nuenen

Susanna Mishler
Crank-Arm Prayer (Kennecott Copper Mine)

David Moolten
Archaeologists at Chelmno

Elisabeth Murawski
Guthrie's "To Pastures New"

Jill Osier

Donald Platt

Doug Ramspeck
The Body's Mud
History of Winter

Mark Sullivan
Bambino Malato

John Surowiecki
The Accordionist at Nineteen

Amber Flora Thomas

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Olena Kalytiak Davis
On the Certainty of Bryan; Truth Procedure #1


Rebecca Dunham
Anger, According to Mrs


Jane Hirshfield


Kyle McCord
A Prayer for Anesthetic and Illusion; Portrait of Vincent In Nuenen


Doug Ramspeck
The Body's Mud; History of Winter