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Connotations Press
Volume: 2017.09 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Robin Behn
The Writers' Guild
Opthalmic Imaging

Michelle Bitting
The Red Opera
Recipe for Disaster

Fred Chappell
Fox and Corncrib
Tact Intact

Andrew P. Dillon
Apologia of Having No Clear Answers
Imagine a City

Alexa Doran
To My Son, Who Just Heard Me Scream Fuck
They want you to sleep in a different bed
Directions for Deity Selection 101

Tori Hook
The Strangelove Ocean
Trigger Warning
My Grandmother's Engagement Ring

Bethany Schultz Hurst
Poverty of Stimulus
Fantasy Farms
Some of These Tales of Wildness are Hoax

Luke Johnson

Julie Swarstad Johnson
She Dreams about the Exodus

Christos Kalli

Ananda Lima
Cleaning the Colonial

Mia Ayumi Malhotra
from Mothersalt: A Lyric
Portrait of Isako in Wartime

Nicole Stellon O'Donnell
One Classroom Window
Through a Different Window
What Not to Say to Your Students in the Juvenile Detention Center
You Are No Longer in Trouble

Christine Poreba
What Will Stay?
Lessons in Leaving the Ground

Ellen McGrath Smith
Pilgrims on Farragut

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Ellen McGrath Smith
Pilgrims on Farragut; Blackout