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Connotations Press
Volume: 2015.05 | Year: 2015

Table of Contents:

Aria Aber
Root Chakra: A Triptychon

Betty Adcock
Meditation on the Word
Office Cubicle
Difficult Connection

Rick Campbell
Selling My Dead Brother
Hay Bales on the Northern Plains

Kevin Carey
The Weird Kid

Sharon Dolin
Poems after Goya
Moth Over City at Dusk

Ashley Mae Hoiland
For Those Who Believe All Things Are Possible
Venus of Willendorf

Rodger Kamenetz
The Great Flood
Like Me
Angles of Incidence in Baltimore
The History of Arms and Legs

Annie Kim
A Rag for My Father
Of Memory

Lisa Olstein
Nothing Good Gets Away
Severe Clear
Look Not at What You Might Hit but at the Space into Which You're Trying to Captain Your Ship

Barbara Jane Reyes
To Pierce the Heart
To Remember Something from Long Ago
To Have Come Here

Mark Smith-Soto
Game Time
Primrose Path

Anthony Sutton
O, Injury. O, Wolf. O, God. No--
The King of Doom Lesson on Geology, Anatomy, and Psychology

Pia Taavila-Borsheim
Return to Walloon Lake

Tess Taylor
Clearing Field

Yun Wang
A Map of the Universe

Jerry Wemple
Beauty Operators

Poets of Interest in this issue: