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Volume: 94 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Robert Avery
Saint Taciturn

Bruce Bond
Ex Nihilo
The Border

Joseph J. Capista
Mid-Flight, Mid-Ascension Virgin Photograph

Farouk Goweda
Egypt's Grief

Jason Gray
Doubt at Easter

Alison Pelegrin
Feast Days

Dimitri Psurtsev
[We have nothing--]
[Today, having swigged a half-liter]
[My brain is like a millstone]

G. C. Waldrep
Blue Heron, Marlborough

Jeanne Murray Walker
God Reads the Poem of the World with Interest
The Years Were Patient with Me

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond
Ex Nihilo; The Border


G. C. Waldrep
Blue Heron, Marlborough