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Adroit Journal
Volume: 24 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Diannely Antigua
Diary Entry #14: Navigating

Derrick Austin
Son Jarocho

Alia Bales
My Worst Habit

Graham Barnhart
Goat in the Cleared Village

Destiny Birdsong
Ode to My Body

Kayleb Rae Candrilli
My Mother Believes in My Marriage and This Shows Me Her Heart Can Forgive Even Years Spent Dancing Alone

Kristin Chang
How I Was Fathered

Cortney Lamar Charleston
Self-Portrait as a Constant Point of Contention

Ama Codjoe
Garden of the Gods

Michael Dhyne
A Beginning

Duy Doan
We Play a Game Using Tomatoes
The Roundworm Travels Up from the Foot

Rachel Inez Marshall

T. J. McLemore
Desert Triptych

Andrew McMillan
First Time Penetration

Natasha Oladokun
The Poem Climbs the Scaffold and Tells You What It Sees

Jose Olivarez
A Mexican Dreams of Heaven
My Family Never Finished Migrating We Just Stopped

Triin Paja
Remembering Winter
The June Deportation, 1941

Willy Palomo
Mama's Heart
Love Poem Where a Stranger Accuses Me of Speaking in Tongues
Mama's Head

D. A. Powell
When Totality Occurs

Monica Sok
The Weaver
Mosquitoes Came for the Old Woman

Michelle Turner
1425 Riverside, Apt. B

John Sibley Williams
American Quanta
Places We Visit Once, & Never Again

Poets of Interest in this issue:

D. A. Powell
When Totality Occurs