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Adroit Journal
Volume: 19 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Hanel Baveja

Alyse Bensel
On Poisonous Snakes in Puerto Rico

Bruce Bond

Doug Paul Case

Grady Chambers
The Leavings

Kevin Craft
Therefore Wander

Jesse Damiani
Maps Scribbled with Lines (III)

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
Why I Never Wore My Mother's Pearls

Jay Deshpande
The Reins

Alex Dimitrov
A Living

Shira Erlichman
Ode to Lithium #1: The Watchman

Robin Estrin
Naming Names

Megan Fernandes
Fabric in Tribeca

Maggie Graber

Amorak Huey
Crimes I Did Not Commit
How Things Turned Out

Patrick Kindig
Bestiary: Hyena

S. Marie LaFata-Clay
The Edge of Childhood

Michael Lee
American Jericho

Esther Lin
Poem Ending in Antarctica
La Traviata

Elizabeth Metzger
Tinsel Demon
Grown Daughter

Nkosi Nkululeko
Skin Deep

Jessica Poli
A Brand New Way to Say Sorry

Erin Elkins Radcliffe
Rain Follows the Plow, Manifest
Rotten Logging

Charif Shanahan

Emily Skaja
Aubade with Attention to Pathos

Danez Smith
Dark Child Nah Nah (Or Self-Portrait as 90s R&B Video)
23 Positions in a One-Night Stand

Ralph Sneeden
from Crab Studies [5]

Vanessa Stauffer

Casey Thayer
Blood Work
Hymn for the Gun

Katie Willingham
from The Existentialist's Essential Travel Guide

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond


Alex Dimitrov
A Living


Danez Smith
Dark Child Nah Nah (Or Self-Portrait as 90s R&B Video); 23 Positions in a One-Night Stand