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Cincinnati Review
Volume: 11.2 | Year: 2015

Table of Contents:

Dan Bellm
Deep well

Tina Mozelle Braziel
Everywhere Welcome

Martha Collins
Drawn In

Susan Davis
from "Bertie Mae"

Alan Gillis
A Further De?nition of Memory

James Kimbrell
Pluto's Gate: Mississippi
There's Nothing Wrong with You

Ashley Anna McHugh
The Red Hours

Wayne Miller

Claudia Monpere
The Now

Alan Shapiro
On the Beach
Goodness and Mercy

Julia Shipley
On This Day in History
The Needle

Jack Snyder
Come Deciduous

Mike Soto
To wake & wind up standing . . .

Jakob Stein
"Stones blossom"

Sam Taylor
#GodIs (2.0)

Mai Der Vang
Cipher Song
Toward Home

David Wheatley

Susan Wheatley
The Recording Angel

Hsia Yu
Girl under a Full Moon
Enough Experience Is Not Enough You Must Also Have Not Enough Experience
Everyone said no
With This Much Time and More
Without You There Would Be No Us

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Martha Collins
Drawn In


Wayne Miller


Alan Shapiro
On the Beach; Goodness and Mercy