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Volume: 60 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

James Adams
No Name

Elison Alcovendaz
What Are You Doing Now?

Barry Ballard
Midnight Lazaruses

Erinn Batykefer
Gimme Shelter

Timothy DeJong
Dog at the Farm

T. J. Difrancesco

Kim Dower
Delivery Man

Stephen Dunn
Little Pretty Thing

Peg Duthie
Decorating a Cake While Listening to Tennis

Michael Estabrook
Grand Illusion

Joseph Fasano

Alan C. Fox

Conrad Geller
Elemental Intelligence

Daniel Gleason
Shadow Boxing Late at Night

Tony Gloeggler
Some Long Ago Summer

Alex Hoffman-Ellis
Modern Day Gladiator

A. M. Juster

Athena Kildegaard

Benjamin Naka-Hasebe Kingsley

Laura Kolbe

Michael Mark
Golf with Bob

David Mason
A Cabbie in America

Tom Meschery
Two from Searching for the Soul

John Lazear Okrent
After Seeing a Picture in the New York Times

Jack Ridl
Can We Know?

Caroline N. Simpson
Choose Your Own Adventure

Laszlo Slomovits

Anne Starling
Compassionate Friends

Katherine Barrett Swett

Stephen Taylor
Prenuptial Agreement

Brent Terry
What Happens in Church

William Trowbridge
Oldguy: Superhero vs. The Riddler

Martin Vest
Should I Spill My Beer

Arlo Voorhees
The NFL on CTE

Guinotte Wise
The Why of Bull Riding

Bro Yao
Winter's Blues

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Stephen Dunn
Little Pretty Thing