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Prarie Schooner
Volume: 91.4 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Hussain Ahmed
Things I Saw in My Father's Eyes

William Archila
Beyond Bruegel's Shore

J. Scott Brownlee Aron
Above the River

Eileen Bartos

John Blair

Ronda Broatch
Where the Lunch Cactus Grows

Mark Burr

Leila Chatti
Eyes Opened, As Gods
Again the Summer Fires

Patricia Clark
What I Wanted
Our Lady of Victory Church

Katie Condon
When I Am Told to Buck Up to Fight the Good Fight to Pull Up My Boot Straps & Build Bridges But I Am Not Ready But I Know Damn Well I Should Be Ready So I Try

Morri Creech
Self-Portrait as Magritte
Self-Portrait after Goya

Toi Derricotte
To the reader: On publishing a poem about the abuse in my childhood
Reading Robert Lowell at 3 am
Bad Dad
Fishermen with catch: Lamu, Kenya
On knowing a woman who excuses herself from the table, even in restaurants, to brush her teeth

Saddiq Dzukogi
Father's Last Meal

Katie Farris
What Daniil Kharms Believes
from "If Marriage"

Robert Gibb
How to Paint a Dead Man

Rachel Heimowitz

Carolina Hotchandani

Stevie Howell
Notes on not being able to have a baby

Barbara Helfgott Hyett
Night Guided by a Brown Beetle
I Never Said, I Love You Best

John Kinsella

David Koehn
I Dream I Am Walking the Streets of an Unknown Metropolis with Anthony Bourdain and He Thinks Me a Bit of a Doofus

John Lane
Grand Dragon
Locker Room

Komal Mathew
After the Honeymoon, Home
Dressing for Diwali

Kerrin McCadden
When My Brother Dies
Killeter Forest: Father McLaughlin's Well

Susan Meyers
Finding Her Huck Embroidery Folded in a Drawer
Aunt Mary Alice Teaches Me to Tat
Stars-on-the-River Tanka
Postcard from Paris, a Deciphering
Under the Waning Moon
Sundog Sonnet
Self-Portrait as a Small Journey

Abby E. Murray
When I Tell You I Love You

Susan Okie
In Great Village

Simon Perchik

Bethany W. Pope
Clinton, South Carolina

Kevin Prufer
Tender Thoughts
Wet Leaves
The American Voter
Jesus Christ
Not Thinking
Far-Away Wars

Julia Randall
You Got McDonald's Money?
San Zenon Repents

Mahtem Shiferraw
Crossing Borders
Swallowing Suns
Your Body Is War (IV)

Brian Sneeden
Elegy in Which I Am Awake

Adrienne Su
Instant Ramen
The End of Mea David Moolten Joe

Kelly Terwilliger

Alpay Ulku
Present Tense
Toxic Sun, Fifth of July
Angry at God

Abdourahman Waberi
In Plain Speech
The Hoopoe

Connemara Wadsworth
Drawing with My Mother
In the Queue

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Katie Farris
What Daniil Kharms Believes; from "If Marriage"


Kevin Prufer
Tender Thoughts; Wet Leaves; The American Voter; Jesus Christ; Not Thinking; Far-Away Wars