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Birmingham Poetry Review
Volume: 45 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Chad Abushanab
Poem Begun in a West Texas Corn Maze

Dan Albergotti
Blood of the Father

Dick Allen
In This World of Dust and Duty
Seeing Your Breath

Angela Ball
The Fortress of My Desk
The Last Brandy

Charles Bardes
Field Clod
Duck Blind
Duck Blind 2

Christopher Buckley
The Permanence of Elapsed Time: Reflections on a Parochial Education

Conor Burke
Before the Term

Elijah Burrell
Look at These Altars

Colby Cotton
The Killing Floor

Jim Daniels
We Met at Exclamation Point

Susan de Sola
Cedar Closet

Shawn Delgado

Toi Derricotte
After Elytis
The Peaches of August
Airplane Window

Jehanne Dubrow

Anna Evans
Standing Up

Mary Romero Ferguson
Penelope, with the Children

Gustavo Perez Firmat
Dirty Old Man in the Dustbin of History
Dirty Old Man and the Maestro
Dirty Old Man Talks to Himself Behind His Back

Jason Gray
Tip of the Tongue

Benjamin Grossberg

Daniel Groves

Allison Joseph
Being Marvin's Underwear

Annie Kantar
About Your New Place

Jee Leong Koh
from Hi Harlem

Ted Kooser
At Home

Andrew Kozma
Memoirs of an Invisible Man

David Landon
Montaigne at Piggly Wiggly

Shara Lessley
Late Epithalamium with Perennials
The Ugly American

Jennifer Holley Lux
Studland Beach

Robert Manaster
What Our Children Will Be
At The Sea Merchant Restaurant

Tim McBride
A Cosmology of Clouds

Max McDonough
The Bat

Ashley Anna McHugh
The Last Time You Left Me for Your Wife

Christopher Merrill
In the Galapagos Islands

Thorpe Moeckel
Father on the Beach, Tide Coming In
In the Yoga Zone

Peter Munro
What Is Gone from Me

Laura Neal
I Heard the Buzzards Shrill

Dan O'Brien
One Hundred and Nineteen

Debbie Ou
Liver Lilies, Yellow

Ricardo Pau-Llosa
Christ in the Wilderness: The Hen (1954)

Charlotte Pence

Ross Peters
Proctors Hall Promontory

Lizzy Petersen
"52 Yellow Cat"

Jeffrey Peterson

Leanna Petronella

Nicholas Pierce
Valediction at Lake Livingston

Saara Myrene Raappana
Heroic Origin

Doug Ramspeck
Smoke Dress

Chelsea Rathburn
The Corinthian Women
In the Shower, My Daughter Studies My Naked Form

Mira Rosenthal
People Bring Us Flowers

Austin Segrest

Amanda Shires
Autumn Tritina

R. T. Smith
Photo of Frost

Gary Soto

Lisa Russ Spaar
Soupbone Madrigal
Copperhead Madrigal

Eleanor Stanford
Lepidoptera of the Diamond Highlands

Kathryn Starbuck

Gerald Stern
The Cost of Love
Swimming Backstroke
Up on Blocks
March 17

Rawdon Tomlinson
Each time I break

Pimone Triplett
Real Estate
Supply Chain

Jay Udall
Where It Begins

Laura Van Prooyen
Head of Clover

Ryan Vine
Altar Boy

Mark Wagenaar
Appalachian Vowels

G. C. Waldrep

Chet Weise
Endless Summer

Ryan Wilson

Catherine Wing

Cecilia Woloch
La Mer

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Benjamin Grossberg


Ricardo Pau-Llosa
Christ in the Wilderness: The Hen (1954)


Charlotte Pence


Doug Ramspeck
Smoke Dress


Pimone Triplett
Real Estate; Supply Chain


Mark Wagenaar
Appalachian Vowels


G. C. Waldrep