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Crab Orchard Review
Volume: 20.1 | Year: 2015

Table of Contents:

Idris Anderson
The Swamp
Root of the Matter

Holly Teresa Baker
Apothecary for the Brokenhearted

Jenna Bazzell
Waiting for the Burial to Begin

Jessica Rae Bergamino
Imagining the Tin Man

Rebecca Black
Bernal Hill

Bruce Bond
Gold Bee
Ice Station Zebra
The Cherry Orchard

Sass Brown
No Tableau

Chen Chen
In Search of the Least Abandoned Constellation

Adam Clay
Northern Lights

Gillian Cummings

Kyle Dacuyan
Epilogue from Never

Mary Ann Davis
City of Ends

Blas Falconer

Rebecca Morgan Frank
How to Look at Pictures

Kim Garcia
Objects of Desire

Diane Gilliam
The Naming of the Scars

Andrew Grace
Said Gun's Confession
Said Gun's Fear

J. P. Grasser

Katie Hartsock
Western Reserve

Jocelyn Heath

M. Ayodele Heath
All DayI Hear the Noise of Waters

Rodney Jones
The Power of the Quote

Vandana Khanna
Sita in Exile
The Goddess Re-Made
We Are Always the Girls

Gerry LaFemina
This Earthly Paradise

Moira Linehan
From This Distance

Margaret Mackinnon
The Postman

Tyler Mills
Starfish Prime Pantone-mime

Karissa Morton
The Nymph Imitates Sleep

Nick Narbutas
Studies Toward a Unified Voice

Frank Paino
The Drowned Church of Potosi, Venezuala

Sarah Pape
Foul Hook

Beth Woodcome Platow
The Land of the Small

Jennifer Richter
All Right, Good Night

Suzanne Roszak
My Mother Folds Herself In

Wesley Rothman
Your Boom and Treble Silence

Amanda Silberling
Self-Portrait as a Shard of Glass

Andrea Witzke Slot
The Incubator

Monica Sok
Talking to a Room

David Starkey
The Raising of Lazarus

Celisa Steele
What Made Azrael Laugh

Melissa Stein
Snowstorm, Central Valley

Jennifer Sweeney
Tornado Siren

Wally Swist
The Treadle and the Light

Kenny Tanemura
Tokyo Blues

Caroline Tanski
Anchor Bend

Jeanie Thompson
Coming Through Fire

Brian Tierney
Elegy Written as a Dense Nest of Past Tenses
Elegy Preserved by the Salt Breeze Inside It

Emily Van Kley

Chelsea Wagenaar

Patricia Jabbeh Wesley
Losing Hair

Nicolette Wong

Bro Yao
banned books

Javier Zamora
Burn This Marlboro

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond
Gold Bee; Ice Station Zebra; The Cherry Orchard


Adam Clay
Northern Lights


Gillian Cummings


Andrew Grace
Said Gun's Confession; Said Gun's Fear


Jennifer Sweeney
Tornado Siren