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Fifth Wednesday
Volume: 22 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Hannah Allen
Rain with Chickens

Abe Becker
Bathing My Dad

Nickole Brown
Rothko Confessions

Suzanne Cleary

Joe Cottonwood
Hospital, Indiana

Dorsey Craft
Tri-Q Initiation

Jim Daniels
Poison Control

Tige DeCoster
Stick Man Ekphrastic

Sharon Dolin
My Birthday as Corncrake

Cornelius Eady
Ode to Pumpsie Green

Nancy Eimers
How to Camouflage the Essence of the Animal

Diane Glancy
Butter Beans

Ray Gonzalez
Solar Eclipse Totality

Colette Inez
Spring, 1940

David Kirby

Dorianne Laux

Kent Leatham

David Mason
The Lawrence Tree

Mihaela Moscaliuc

Ariana Nadia Nash
from The Book of Night
Tell Me
Rothko's Canvas

Alicia Ostriker
Approaching Eighty: A Sequence

Gary Pedler
A Second Troy

P. L. Sanchez
Pedro's Third Grade Teacher Asked Him to Solve an Equation

Grace Schulman
The Wind Game

Lynne Sharon Schwartz
The Strong One

Leona Sevick
Coming Home

Maxine Silverman

Gerald Stern
D and R Canal

Chase Twichell
Days of Not Knowing

Charles Harper Webb
I, Too, Dislike Them

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Alicia Ostriker
Approaching Eighty: A Sequence