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Volume: 68 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Kelli Allen
An Asterisk for the Weather
The Mountain Loon Tells a Story for Lovers

David Alpaugh

Jocko Benoit
Filtered Sunlight
All Out of Bubble Gum
Godzilla vs. the Economist

Roy Bentley
Zenowich and Raymond Carver

Shinjini Bhattacharjee
Paper Theatre

Paula Bonnell
Park Street Station

Ann Bracken
The Mental Health Box

Shirley J. Brewer
Wedding Dress
Annie O

Chris Bullard
Ode to Stupidity

Doritt Carroll

Alan Chazaro
Pi.ata Theory #2
Leaving Footprints on Waterfalls
Using Google Translation in Mexico

Grant Clauser
Coat of Arms
Ode to the Half-Dead Bear on the Way to Defiance

Katharine Coles
Fine Dining

Robert Cooperman
The Newlyweds

Kathleen Corcoran
Cures and Charms

Barbara Crooker
Why I Love Being Married to a Chemist

Gregory Crosby
Walking Away From Explosions in Slow Motion

Dana Curtis
Bedroom Lights

Jim Daniels
Elegy for Phone Booth
Phone Booth, Eight Mile and Ryan

Mark DeCarteret
Not to One's Taste
The One Absent from All

Barbara DeCesare
Poem Employing Somewhat Cheap Metaphor to Describe My Anxiety about Public Performance
Other Son

Matt Dennison

Deborah Elliott Deutschman
The Last Generation Before Zyprexa
Night Library: Marcel Broodthaers

Liz Dolan
White Space

M. Scott Douglass
Finding Iowa
Math Don't Lie
Sunset Over Suburbia
You Know These Roads

George Drew
Romancing Lamentation on the Ides of March

David Ebenbach
Not Long After the War, There Was Another War
Be the Change
Disappearing Cities

Kari Ann Ebert
I Caught a Train to Dublin Once
By Chance One Night, I Met a Man Named Sunday

Meg Eden
Purity Conference
North Carolina Historic Home Festival

Cathryn Essinger

Dave Essinger
Poetry a Bears

Jean Esteve

Lane Falcon

Gary Fincke
Contagious (A Sequence)

Jared Frank
The Following Program Contains Theatrical Recreations
The Growing Season

Christien G. Gholson
Bodies, Waiting
Job Interview

Sid Gold

Eric Greinke
Summertime Blues

Jim Gross
The Let Go
The Light Applause
One for the Ph.D.
One for Bukowski

Michael Gushue

Hedy Habra
Or How Could he Ever Win the Heart of Any Woman?
Vanishing Point

Alan Harawitz
Eternal Paradise
Sexy Names

Johnny Hartner
Attack of the 50-Foot Woman Redux
Welcome to My Kibosh

Timothy Houghton

J. Howard
Application: More Than the Sum of Things

Nancy Iannuci
My Love in Ring Years

Donald Illich
Temporarily Human

Bruce A. Jacobs
Perfect Game
Playing Footsie

Brad Johnson
Buddha Looking Thin

Jeffrey Johnson
The Immigrant

Richard Jones
The Hayrick

George Kalamaras
Tonight at the Five Spot
So Many Roads
Bread Enough
Lost Heart of the Hound
Just When I Thought I'd Finished Describing All the Photos of the President's Hounds, I Come Across This Shot of a Reporter and Johnson's Dog, Him

Stephen Kessler
On Bookshop Slopes
Garage Elegies 22
Garage Elegies 8

Rose Knapp
Poie e Sista
Harper's Poem #1

Luisa Kolker
Artemis in Taos
D.H. Lawrence Memorial
White Shell Woman
The Tearing Apart

Laurie Kolp
Bumper Stickers

Beth Konkoski
Winter Rounds

Lyn Lifshin
From Lips, Blues, Blue Lace: On the Outside
Upstate NY, in the House I'm in Rarely These Last 12 Years
Nothing Gold Can Fly
How Unlike Fros's Country, Virginia Square
Hot Muggy Afternoon on Main Street
On the Day of the Bombing
The Mad Girl Dreams of Morocco
The Sadness, the Beauty of White Trillium

Edward Madrid
Young Lady at Lunch
Any Other Flesh
Turkey Dead for Love
Word Pepper

Saundra Rose Maley
All the Sun in a Golden Cup
Miss America, 1951

Stephen Malin
Morning Drill

Aoife Mannix
How To Go
Simple Directions

Michael Mark
Goodbye to the Tecopa Pupfish

Richard Martin
Pathetic Love Poem

Susan H. Maurer
Orlando 2016

Miles David Moore
Man on Terrace with Wine, Recalling a Line from Hermann Hesse

Elisabeth Murawski
Portrait: Mademoiselle Knitting
Unexpected Point of Intersection

Sheryl L. Nelms
Summer Was

Amanda Newell
The Black and White of Him in His Wetsuit

Annette Oxindine
On Matter

January Pearson
Cold Ease

Kate Peper
Love Is an Airborne Thing
What the Witch Told Me

Michael Pontacoloni
Happy Birthday

Barbara Ann Porte
Why Old Women Leave Their Money to Art Museums

Ana Prundaru
Indian Summer

Kathleen Quinlan

Charles Rammelkamp
Swann's Way
Tyranny Has a Witness

Michael Ratcliffe
Thoughts While Sitting Along the Lower Potomac

Alan C. Reese
A Station of the Cross

Virginia Smith Rice
pre : light
Derelict, Kerosene
Glass Flight
Begin with a Diamond (Weld, Welt)

William Rivera
In Love

Kim Roberts
The Fiji Merman

Stephen R. Roberts
Pineapple Western with Slow Posse

Cathryn Shea
A Marriage Next Door

Gregory Sherl
In the Dining Hall at the OCD Center at Cedar Ridge

Gary Stein
The Stuttering Anesthesiologist
Teegarden's Star

Kurt Steinwand
Pantone Library of Color
Free Huey

Holly Stone
The Little Snow Globe Place in Our Society

Adrienne Su
Home Baker

Marc Swan
Wild West

Jason Tandon

Adam Tavel
How to Write a Nature Poem

Sally Toner
Prom Afternoon
When Your Healthiest Relationship Is with the GPS

Erick Verran
Maiden Voyage

Michael Waters
McSorley's (1969)
Psychological Sit-Up

Anne Pierson Wiese
Bird on Barck Street
Out of Reach

Pamela Murray Winters
Oliver Schroer's Last Invention

Rob Winters
Make Way for Ducklings

Valerie Wohlfeld
Horse Latitudes

Michele Wolf

Emma Sky Wolf

Andrea Wyatt
Mark Rothko's Paintings

Ed Zahniser
No More Duct Tape Solutions
Dear Heloise, Dear Abby, Dear Someone
If They Ask You

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Dana Curtis
Bedroom Lights


George Kalamaras
Tonight at the Five Spot; So Many Roads; Bread Enough; Lantern-Lit; Lost Heart of the Hound; Just When I Thought I'd Finished Describing All the Photos of the President's Hounds, I Come Across This Shot of a Reporter and Johnson's Dog, Him