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Beltway Poetry Quarterly
Volume: 19.3 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Safia Elhillo
asmarani makes prayer
a brief history of silence
the last time marvin gaye was heard in the sudan
portrait with asylum
portrait of abdelhalim hafez as orpheus
everything I know about abdelhalim hafez

Lalita Noronha
Forty Years Later: What I Know
Mustard Seed
In Space
Specimen Child
Passive Diffusion

Ann A. Philips
Cochlear Implant from Advanced Bionics, a Swiss Corporation
Turritopsis nutricula, a Jellyfish, Reverts to its Youth
Red Cardinal Nights
Once, in Montreal:
The Poland Sonata

Seema Reza
Like Water
What I Want

Leona Sevick
Gun Safe
When My Monster Finally Appeared
Any Dog Will Bite
Notification of Family, 3 a.m.

Jeneva Stone
And So Love Any Thing
In which I am envious of the Eternal
Life As We Know It

Nicole Foreman Tong
Self-Portrait as Venus
Gentle Obsessions
Wistful Theory
Via Negativa
How to Prove a Theory

Poets of Interest in this issue: