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Tinderbox Poetry Journal
Volume: 5.1 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Dana Alsamsam
Several Small Lights

Kimberly Quiogue Andrews
The Result of an Overabundance of Scenery

Graham Barnhart
The Coffee Aisle

Claudia Delfina Cardona
A Portrait of Jacinto (Or Rather a Portrait of His Parents)

The Edge of Black

Steven Chung

Joanne M. Clarkson
A Million Moons

Joanne Rocky Delaplaine
It's Not Me Reciting

Annie Fan
Carbon Year

Logan February
Some Boys Aren't Born At All

Mitchell Glazier
Knife-Like, Flower-Like, Like Nothing At All in the World

Teow Lim Goh
At the Zoo
Faraway Places

torrin a. greathouse
The Reflection of a Nearly Dead Animal in a Vulture's Eyes

Tamara Hart
There are entryways that don't get a second glance

Krysten Hill
Damn, I Need a Minute

Molly Johnsen
After Sylvester bit me

W. Todd Kaneko
Last Meal

Elisa Karbin
An Interpretation of Dreams
Revision in Studio

Hyejung Kook
homage to my breasts
Gravida IV

Kimberly Kruge
The Morning Newspaper

Cameron A. Lawrence
In the Galaxy of Sleep
Jewel Tones

Angie Sijun Lou
my grandma feeds the cats

Jennifer Manthey
Upton Ave House: A Poem for the Closing

T. J. McLemore
Thermodynamic Meditation

Melissa Atkinson Mercer
blue house

Thomas Nguyen

Allison Parker
The Earring

Nancy Reddy

Kirk Schlueter
With My Body, I Worship Thee
The Anorexic Confesses

Osimiri Sprowal
Self Injection

Julia Story
Julie the Astonishing (How She Discovered Christ Was a Metaphor)
Julie the Astonishing (How She Bore Her Physical Pain)
Julie the Astonishing (How She Would Return from the Dead)

Terese Svoboda
First Light

Mikey Swanberg
By Another's Name

Kelly Grace Thomas

Poets of Interest in this issue: