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Laurel Review
Volume: 47.2 | Year: 2013

Table of Contents:

Aaron Anstett
Floating World

Ruth Bardon
Where There's Smoke
What I Learned from Step Class

C. Dylan Bassett
Horoscopes at the End of the World
Like a Hammer and a Screw

Michelle Burke
The Price of Cohabitation

Bethany Carlson
Shine on, dear shrine
Diadem Me

Karen Chase
One Way to Learn
The Leaving
What We Say
My Father's Boat

Jeanette Clough

Hannah Craig

Janelle Dolrayne
The Pangboche Hand

Okla Elliott
Pointless Movement

Judson Evans
Outtakes: Entries From an Imaginary Dictionary

Charity Ann Gingerich
Sharing 'A Song on the End of the World'
How to Bear With It
Landscape after Rain

John Hoppenthaler

Amorak Huey
American Ectoplasm
After the Open House

Jon Luthro
Hundreds of Times

Shane McCrae
A Kind of Money
If Money is the Blood Between Us

Gary McDowell
The American Sonnet
A Fable

Richard Meier
10.3-4.13 Night and Morning

Derek Mong
To Assemble this Poem Properly
We Live Our Lives through Other People's Bodies
To Translate This Poem Properly
Hide and Seek

Stephen Morrow
The Old Man & The Bathtub
Elegy to the Sympathetic, Nervous System

Laurel Nakanishi
Llanto in Flame

Lee Sharkey
In a Gold-Leaf Mirror

Carter Smith
New Blank Document
Jesus By the Water
Pascal at the Edge of Town

Mark Sullivan
Late-Winter Photographs

Philip Terman
Our Portion

Kara Van de Graaf

Lori Wilson
and what the void was like

Yoo-Chong Wong
Laozi's Nature - Self Just So

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Janelle Dolrayne
The Pangboche Hand


Shane McCrae
A Kind of Money; If Money is the Blood Between Us