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Minnesota Review
Volume: 90 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Angela Bilger

Jackie Braje
bruises big as nothing

Laniesha Brown
Breakup Brunch Sestina

Babette Cieskowski

Emily Rose Cole
What Makes a Pearl

Rebecca Elliott
An Old Woman and Her Old House

Caylie Hermann
Positively Phototactic Organisms Interrupt Stream of Consciousness

Sarah Jordan

Samantha Le
Border Crossing
Watching Dad's Porn on the VCR

Kyle McCord
Gas Leak Shutters Furries Convention

Erin J. Mullikin
The Tessellation Process

Alaina Pepin
They Found Me
Three Ring

Michael Pontacoloni
After the Challenger Explosion, Another Steve Nesbitt Goes to the Mall

Eric Roy
Small Plane Crashes on Your Couch

Benjamin Seanor
To Jenny Holzer

Maceo J. Whitaker
Death Letter Blues

John Sibley Williams
Star Count

Margaret Yapp
Second Winter

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Kyle McCord
Gas Leak Shutters Furries Convention