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PMS: Poemmemoirstory
Volume: 15 | Year: 2016

Table of Contents:

Tina Barr
Still Life

Heather Bartlett
When I Was a Boy

M. L. Brown
Synonym for Lichen

Kate Daniels
Reading a Biography of Thomas Jefferson in the Months of My Son's Recovery

Jude Deason
Great Aunt Mona

Ashley M. Jones
Birmingham Fire and Rescue Haiku, 1963
De Soto Leaves a Negro
How to Make Your Daughters Culturally Aware and Racially Content During Christmastime
List of Famous Alabama Slaves
Corn Silk Barbie

Kateema Lee

Colleen J. McElroy
Lessons in Deportment
Learning to Love Bessie Smith

Michelle McMillan-Holified
When Morgan Freeman Reads T.S. Eliot

Mary Ruefle
South on Seven
The Failure of Poetry

Jacqueline Saphra

Laura Secord
Taking One for Angela

Lauren Goodwin Slaughter
The Bathroom
Waiting for Another Call from My Sister in the Middle of the Night
Back to Jackson
Before The Birth of Venus

Renee Vivien
The Violin
Above the Public Place

Gail White
Dame Edith Sitwell

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Mary Ruefle
South on Seven; Jean; The Failure of Poetry