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Volume: 199.4 | Year: 2012

Table of Contents:

Amy Beeder
Dear Drought
Lithium Dreams (White Sea)

Michelle Boisseau
Among the Gorgons
Death Gets into the Suburbs

Stephen Dunn
In Love, His Grammar Grew

Stephen Edgar
Lost to View

David Ferry
Coffee Lips
Ancestral Lines
Catallus I
Virgil, Aeneid, II, ii. 250-267
Martial 1.101

Louise Gluck
A Summer Garden

Michael Ryan
Hard Times

Joseph Spece
Queen, you are fathomed

A. E. Stallings
Epic Simile
First Miracle
After a Greek Proverb

Kathryn Starbuck
Convinced, 1957

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Stephen Dunn
In Love, His Grammar Grew


Louise Gluck
A Summer Garden; Afterword