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Prarie Schooner
Volume: 87.3 | Year: 2013

Table of Contents:

Ellen Arl

Mahnaz Badihian

Neelanjana Banerjee
Street Dog Dreams: Lodhi Gardens
Uncle's Army Years, Decade I (1981-1991)

Ellen Bass

Traci Brimhall
Investigation of the Unconfirmed Miracles at Puraquequara
For the Glory

Christopher Citro
Creation Myth

Fred D'Aguiar
King David Cooks Ital in Port Antonio

Gary Fincke

Nikki Giovanni
When My Phone Trembles
The Scared and the Vulnerable

Andrew Grace
The Ancestors of Rain

Ben Greer
A Poem for You

Jennifer Schomburg Kanke
Controlling Nothing, the Selkie Sends a Message through the Water

Victoria Kelly
The Good Wife before Deployment

Sandra Kohler
On My Seventieth Birthday I Try to Skinny-Dip in Boston Harbor
Gray Storm

Mercedes Lawry
They Take Turns

Karen An-hwei Lee
Last Views of a Mourning Dove
Peace in the Bones
Festival de la Lluvia de Peces

John Lundberg
Then, Fall

James Magorian

Diane Mehta

Joy Moore
Tennessee Wedding

Alexis Orgera
The Cuban Bee Bird

Doris Radin
What We See In The Mirror Is That What The Mirror Eye Sees?
Love Poem To My Brother The Lawyer
The Sharing

Margaret Randall
About Little Charlie Lindbergh

William Reichard
I Am Norman Maine

Natalie Scenters-Zapico
Broken Initials

Heather Sellers
Too Much Not Enough
Now That We Live in a World Where My Father Doesn't Exist Anymore, I Go Out on a Date with a Man in the Afternoon
Ballet at Midlife

Martha Silano
Easter Drama

Daniel Simon
Dry Spell
Eight-Legged Shadow

Floyd Skloot

Lindsay Tigue

Charles Harper Webb
Poison Oak

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Ellen Bass


Traci Brimhall
Investigation of the Unconfirmed Miracles at Puraquequara; For the Glory


Andrew Grace
The Ancestors of Rain


Natalie Scenters-Zapico
Broken Initials