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The Literary Review
Volume: 56.4 | Year: 2013

Table of Contents:

Mark Bibbins
Pat Robertson Transubstantiation Engines

Bruce Bond

Christopher Buckley
Bread & Circuses

Okla Elliott
That the Soul Discharges Her Passions upon False Objects

Stefania Heim
Concerning the Prime and Proper Foundation of Blame
The Lowest Possible Limit of Perpetual Snow
"A Third Party Who Says Me"

Margaret MK Hess
Lab Work
Fault Line

Karyna McGlynn
Square Rooms
You Are My New God
Wedding Poem
Swing Revival/Stunt Double
Dead to You

David Moolten
Trash, Zishe Breitbart Impersonates Atlas Beside Flexing Schoolboys, Christ and Village Under the Snow

Milan Orlic
A Poem Floating in a Bottle, via Email
Conversation with a Taxi Driver
Beginning of the Weekend

Charles Simic
Once December Comes
The New Widow
The Execution
Autumn Evening
Black Butterfly

Mark Svenvold
Lines Composed an Hour and Ten Minutes by Interstate from South Orange, New Jersey, from a Title Written by a Student and Drawn at Random from a Hat, in Late August, 2011
Lucky 12 (Odegaard, and What Happened to Him in What Otherwise Would Have Been Another Lost Evening in Suburban New Jersey), an Overture
As If to a Partial Catalogue of First Glances
& Her Name--It Wasn't "Euridyce," of Course, Thought It May Have Rhymed Aslant with That, Though for the Life of Me I Can't Uncharted (Apology)

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Mark Bibbins
Pat Robertson Transubstantiation Engines


Bruce Bond
Wanderlust; Open


Karyna McGlynn
Square Rooms; You Are My New God; Wedding Poem; Swing Revival/Stunt Double; Dead to You


Charles Simic
Once December Comes; The New Widow; The Execution; Autumn Evening; Black Butterfly