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Birmingham Poetry Review
Volume: 41 | Year: 2014

Table of Contents:

Amy Arthur
Letter to the Elders, 1724
Stormy Lullaby

Sheila Black
Paicambu Cemetery
Dark Emerald

Bruce Bond
The Irrevocable

Kimberly Bruss
The Conversation
This Thing We Do

Catherine Champion
Forgetting the Libyan Sea

T. Crunk
Triptych: Pieta

Trista Edwards
Birthday Dress

Rebecca Foust
Droit du Vassal

Eamon Grennan
At Shannon (September 2007)
Morning Light
Things in the Vicinity

Sarah Gridley

Benjamin Grossberg
"Well, Shaniqua's Taking Her Time"

Joseph Harrison
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Kid

Rita Ann Higgins
Shades of Truth

Ron Houchin
Glass Marbles

Andrew Hudgins
Mr. and Miss Bryce Hospital
Mona Tried to Tell Me
Backing Up

Tom C. Hunley
Reverend Timothy Lovejoy

Richard Jackson
Jacob's Fear
The Rest

Katharine Johnsen

Troy Jollimore
Syllabus of Errors
Ars Poetica

Jenna Kilic
White Fire

David Kirby
The Irritating Professor

Len Krisak
Rondeau: Vico's Revenge

Quinn Lewis

Joanne Lowery
A Whale of Love

Gergen Manstoff
Newsstand in Winter
Ode to My Landlady
Romantic Notions
Studies in Postmodernism
I Am the Salieri of Myself and Other Observations

Michael Marberry

John McKernan
Birthday Presents

Zachariah McVicker
Anamnesis on the Susquehanna

Robert Miltner
apple tree in bloom

Mary B. Moore
Eating the Eighteenth-Century Still Life
Woman Seated on Stairs
The Digger

Jeff Newberry
South Georgia: Late October

Brent Newsom
Saint Gerard

Paul Pickering
Viewing Kandinsky's Improvisation No. 27

Melissa Range
Fortunes of Men
A Skiff of Snow

Rachel Richardson
The Mime

Shane Seely
Forest Cemetery

Austin Segrest
Lookout Mountain
Meet the Beatles

Eric Smith
The Arsonist's Lament

Matthew Buckley Smith
Last Call at the Conference Hotel
Elegy Without Consolation

R. T. Smith
Johnson and the Birds
Sports News
A Change of Heart

Pimone Triplett

Kara Van de Graaf

Cody Walker
Third Trimester
Origin Song
In Two Hundred Years

Michael Walsh
Town Cows

Joshua Weiner
The Firm

Marjorie Welish

Mike White
Snow Globe

Chelsea Woodard
Folk Tale
Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting

Stefanie Wortman
Sinatra and the Ordre de la Sante Publique

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond
The Irrevocable; Widow


Kimberly Bruss
The Conversation; This Thing We Do; [sic]; Obedience


Trista Edwards
Birthday Dress


Sarah Gridley


Benjamin Grossberg
"Well, Shaniqua's Taking Her Time"


Pimone Triplett