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Cincinnati Review
Volume: 9.1 | Year: 2012

Table of Contents:

Christopher Bakken
from Kouros/Kore

Angela Ball
Remarks You May Have Prepared for the Dinner

John Wall Barger
Your Suitors

Brian Barker

Molly Bendall
Yesterday Orbit

Rebecca Black
Lament for the Makers

Patrizia Cavalli
I comb my hair . . .
In the slightly damp garden . . .
But first we must free ourselves . . .
I remember little of myself . . .
Now that time seems wholly mine . . .
If you knocked now on my door . . .
To get out of prison do you really need . . .
Don't count on my imagination, no . . .
Limping pigeon. Absurd . . .
I have become quite wise . . .
Always wanting to understand. You can't . . .
Love that's not mine nor even yours . . .

Charlie Clark
Conviction (Warden's Greeting)

Andrea Cohen
The Composer Must Have a Piano
Let Me Die in Madrid

Christopher Cunningham
Mr. Anderson in the Fall

Lucille Lang Day
The Lost Books

Moyra Donaldson
Forty Shades of Green

Bryan Emory-Johnson
"I like it when you imitate my mother"

Sara Gelston
Dog Whelk

Susan Grimm
Old Madonnas

Sara Grossman
Pittsburg Plate & Glass Company Lot 63

Tresha Faye Haefner
A Walk through the Parking Lot at Midnight

Eric E. Hyett
Like Leaves

Steve Kistulentz
First Antiphon of Callow Youth

Ilyse Kusnetz
Perseids, New Smyrna Beach

Gregory Lawless
Straw Lady

Gary Leising

Richard Lyons
I Will Begin

Michael McFee
Dust to Dust

Medbh McGuckian
The Flower of the Moment of What Comes Easily
After Afterlude

Lo Kwa Mei-en
Rara Avis Decoy

Rosalie Moffett

Eric Nelson
I Love Chickens

James Norcliffe

Jill Osier
The Rain Falls Far

Philip Pardi
Water Finding Its Way to Water

Nathaniel Perry
from Bizarre

John Poch
Two Rooms

Ian Pople
Wood in the Air

Adam Tavel
At Sixty Weeks
New Flag

Joshua Weiner
Outrageous Fortune

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Brian Barker
Bats; Slugs


Molly Bendall
Yesterday Orbit


Medbh McGuckian
The Flower of the Moment of What Comes Easily; After Afterlude


Lo Kwa Mei-en
Rara Avis Decoy