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Crab Orchard Review
Volume: 19.2 | Year: 2014

Table of Contents:

Aliki Barnstone
In the Workshop

Gloria Brown
Laying Irrigation Pipe in the Fruit Orchard Before Dawn

Lauren Camp
Riding the Rope Swing on Billy Goat Hill

April Christiansen
The Great Seattle Fire, June 6, 1889

Elizabeth Costello
Twelve Twenty-One Twelve, Nevada City

John Glowney
Map Making
Out on Turnigan Arm, Resurrection Bay
The Whale Skeleton at Long Beach, Washington

Tom Griffen
Homer Stevedore

Leah Huizar
Santa Monica

Rochelle Hurt
from The Gold Letters

Esteban Imanuel
Bay Park

Christine Kitano
Lucky Come Hawai'I

Karen An-hwei Lee
Horses of War, Horses of Hysteria
Meditation on San Joaquin Hills
Prayer for a Woman Named Xochitl

Jeffrey Thomas Leong
Browning the Walls at the Angel Island Immigration Station, I Seek the Lost Tones of the Heugshan Dialect
At the Makai Market Food Court

Terry Lucas
Contra Costa

Diane Kirsten Martin

David Mason
Through Her Lens

Rajiv Mohabir
On the Occasion of Her Majesty Queen Lili'uokalani's Birthday
Acridotheres tristis
Rhincodon typus
Indo-Queer Windward Side

Jed Myers
Coho Run

Ife-Chudeni Oputa
Portrait of Memory with Drought

Candace Pearson
Outside Tehchapi Prison

Kevin Phan
Some Things Which Filled Us with a Sense of Loitering

Vanesha Pravin
Sleep, Wake, Sleep

Maxine Scates

Martha Silano
This Highway's Ribbon

Kirby Anne Snell
Geography Lesson
Island Funeral

Rebecca Starks
Examination of Mono Lake

Kenny Tanemura
Evacuation Day
Great Depression

Lynne Thompson
Red Jasper

Seve Torres
Papi Stands at the San Juan Airport
The Blood Back Home
Sonnet: Puerto Rican History

William Kelley Woolfitt
Internees at Manzanar, 1942 (iii)
Painte Woman at Manzanar, 1935

Maya Jewell Zeller
Another Dream for Jessica
Margaux Magnolia

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Aliki Barnstone
In the Workshop


Kevin Phan
Some Things Which Filled Us with a Sense of Loitering


Maya Jewell Zeller
Another Dream for Jessica; Margaux Magnolia