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Volume: 18.1 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Rennie Ament
Poem That Used to Have Lines from The Tempest

Jenny Mary Brown

Colby Cotton
Elegy for Seven Years
The Mourners

Hannah Craig
Casting the Girl from the Poppy Field

Lizzie Harris
Depression in the Internet Age

L. I. Henley
Prom Night in Bradford

Chandler Lewis
The Men Against
The Men Against 2
The Men Against 3
The Men Against 4
The Men Against 5

Eric Pankey
Signs and Portents

Tracy Philpot
If a Flatter Flatness Were Possible
The Way to the Citadel

Dan Pinkerton
The Speaking Bones

Maya Catherine Popa
American Faith
The Dream That Had You

Jessica Roeder
Erasure from Robert Browning's "Now"

Keith Taylor
The Sledding Hill

Tyler Tsay
Substitutes for "Before My Father Was Diagnosed with Cancer"

Claire Wahmanholm

Patrick Whitfill
Sonnet for Quanta (II)

Brenna Womer
Hyochondria, or The Disease

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Eric Pankey
Signs and Portents


Claire Wahmanholm