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Cincinnati Review
Volume: 4.2 | Year: 2008

Table of Contents:

Marianne Boruch
The Doctor

Joseph Campana

Christopher Citro
In This Reality, You Exit . . .
Infinite Divisibility Is a Nice Idea

Amy Clark
How to Be the Lady of the House

Sarah Ricahrds Doerries
Man Far Away

Jehanne Dubrow
With the Interpreter

Charles Freeland
Not Yet the Sounds of Speech
Progress As a Way of Historical Thinking

Juliana Gray
On a Photograph of New Orleans at Sunrise . . .

Jeff Gundy

Cathryn Hankla
The Labyrinth Galaxy
The Palm Galaxy

Jerry Harp
The Inquest

David Hernandez
Head Case

Rowena Hill
Emily D. on the Beach

Eva Hooker
Red Is Last in the Work of Alchemy

Richard Jones

Jennifer Juneau
At Fourteen

John Kinsella
Early Morning Fog in Cambridge

Caroline Knox
It Was Christmas

Dean Kostos
Photograph of Myself, Age Four, Asleep in My Father's Arms
Myself to Myself: A Retrieved Photograph at Age Seven

Steve Kronen

Timothy Liu
Penelope's Loom

Corey Marks
House with a Bed of Tulips

Michael McFee

Pablo Medina
Speak Not of It to the Sober Ones
The Man Who Wrote on Water

Jim Murphy
River Minstrels, No Date Given

Laura Paul
When It Comes

Lynne Potts
Brown Overcoat
Another Crow
Trash Truck Comes to a Bin

Margaret Rabb
Walking a Black Lab at Night

Chris Ransick
Parenting on Pluto

Nicholas Reading
Recovering Sleepwell Mary

Thomas Reiter
A Pond at Fall Overturn

Michael Robins
from Twenty-Eight Posts to Carrier

Kathleen Rooney
Midwestern Wedding: Dream No. 1

R. T. Smith
from The Booth Prism

Sharmila Voorakkara

William H. Wanddless
The Georgia Juggernaut

Lisa Williams
Suggestive Grove
The Climb

Terri Witek
Getting to the Bottom of It

Valerie Wohlfeld

Ryo Yamaguchi
Impromptu Carouse

Andy Young

Maya Jewell Zeller
After the Highway Slides Out
Chanting the Alders

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Marianne Boruch
The Doctor; Relics


Joseph Campana


Caroline Knox
Fox; It Was Christmas; Oh


Ryo Yamaguchi
Impromptu Carouse


Maya Jewell Zeller
After the Highway Slides Out; Chanting the Alders