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Hayden's Ferry Review
Volume: 61 | Year: 2017

Table of Contents:

Jamaica Baldwin
Far from Grace

Kristina Bicher
Neighbor Girl to Mrs. G; Cuba (1993)

Sara Biggs Chaney
we are live this morning with a report on the casualties

Caroline Chavatel
Birthplace, the definition of

Chelsea Dingman
Reconstructing the Saints

Kara Dorris
As delicate as the skin over a girl's wrist

Megan Fernandes
Bad Habit

Rage Hezekiah

Lauren Michele Jackson
dear miley cyrus

Alyssa Jewell

Douglas S. Jone
A Tuesday Night
Sexy in the Food Chain

S. Marie LaFata-Clay
Animal Lisa

Skyler Lalone

Lori Lamothe
Caoncion de los Huesos

Ed Bok Lee
Water in Love

John McCarthy
Flyover Country

Cheswayo Mphanza
Chatter at 71st Street Diner
Aubade With My Niggas

Willy Palomo
Mama's Tongue Hummed in the Air

Clare Paniccia
Self Portrait with Training Bra

Kevin Phan
Mr. Phan, Your Meditation's a Singing Punchbowl

Alison Powell
If we speak of the hurricane

Estiban Rodriguez
White Gold

Gabriel Rubi
Venice, Baja California

Alix Anne Shaw

Rashaad Thomas
The Invisible Man in the S(tree)t

Caitlin Weiss
No Problemo
Single Kings of the Valley

Lori Wilson

Art Zilleruelo
Someone's Property

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Ed Bok Lee
Water in Love


Kevin Phan
Mr. Phan, Your Meditation's a Singing Punchbowl