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Volume: 16 | Year: 2016

Table of Contents:

Stephanie Anderson

Julie Carr
The First Installation
Installation 19
Installation on sex
Installation 28
Installations discussed
The History of the Art Installation 1
Installation 29
A prisoner
The History of the Installation
Future Installations (A Coda)

Matthew Reed Corey
Our Thirty-Three Names for the Sleeper in Exile
The Night Vigil: A History of Sleep, 1993--1998

Lauren Haldeman
Nicolaus Copernicus
Galileo Galilei
Tycho Brahe
Johannes Kepler

Marc Rahe
One Girl
On Seasons
The Sky Without Air
Never to Divide by Zero

Edwin Torres

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Julie Carr
The First Installation; Installation 19; Installation on sex; Installation 28; Installations discussed; The History of the Art Installation 1; Installation 29; A prisoner; The History of the Installation; Future Installations (A Coda)


Marc Rahe
One Girl; On Seasons; The Sky Without Air; Never to Divide by Zero